Profound, and Love?

To have profound questions, we need to have great imaginations. If tomorrow never really comes, would we be satisfied of what we've had today?


For me personally, no. Despite the fact that I have heaps of things to do next week and mid tests are coming in the following week, I can't say I'm satisfied enough with my mediocre achievements and all the pride they brought. I mean, assuming that no tomorrow means I'm gonna die tonight, I'm sure gonna starve cause I haven't eaten anything since I don't know.

Screw that. I'm just wondering, many songs describe the feeling of being afraid of loosing someone they love so that they have to do everything it takes to make them stay, like, don't wait until tomorrow, we just never know what will happen. I agree with the idea don't procrastinate things but, don't they have a life which is as complicated as hell and for so many times they think a getaway is needed because they just wanna forget the routines for awhile and go somewhere far away so once they're back they'd be readier than ever, other than their lovers' eyes and the oh so romantic effort to drive all night just to meet them in the morning? Maybe we can conclude that love and life really are two different things that influence one and another. If so, I just for the moment don't get it. What's worse than having a bad mood for no reason that you just do something really stupid or embarrassing or whatever that drops your mood? I'm pretty sure, is having a bad mood for things you do that makes you think that someone thinks you just did really stupid or embarrassing or whatever things that drop your mood. And that someone could very much be your lover. Can't you understand what I'm talking about? I understand if you can't understand because I myself don't understand what I expect you to understand.

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