What's been happening

Many things have happened I don't know where to start!!!!

Okay, well, I've been elected as a General Affair Manager of xxx and I can't wait for my term to end. I've been having great times with my new-old friends and I like it so much. I've been having a distance with my great friends, I've been writing for an online newspaper called Kompasiana and here is the link of my page, and the latest one is.., finally I've moved to a bigger house.

And I've been modemless lately that I can't regularly go on here and post some junks. I can only rely on wifi or other free sources of internet and for that I know I suck. Anyway, whenever I have the chance to go online, it's that kompasiana thing that's on my mind, which is also the reason for me not to go here and post something for a while.

Also, I've formed a new band and it's a lovely girl band and we started practicing today, which was fabulous.

Okay, actually this is just a brief explanation of why I haven't been here for a while. I know you don't miss me but oh well please pretending like you do so I'll be a bit happier. Thanks much!

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