I am many things

A girlfriend is one of them.

Funny to know that my friends' reactions when I finally told them and when they found out that I've been having a relationship with this guy were pretty similar. They didn't believe, they thought I lied, and they said they couldn't imagine someone as independent as I am or so they said could be tied into a relationship. All I can say is my friends, I was amazed too, to know that someone as ignorant and heartless as I am can drive someone crazy. I have to be honest that I wasn't sure at first, when he declared his feelings to me, because I thought he's too good for me (never mean to sound too cheesy) or simply because maybe I wasn't ready to be committed. But that was one of the moments when I don't need any explanations for every single thing that happened because the way he looked at me, though we both didn't say much, was more than enough to convince me that I need another lesson of life, which I can learn through this relationship with this guy.

And its been quite a while now and I'm surprised to know how loving and caring as well as mean and bitchy I can be. One thing i thought i was sure of is I like all the attention he gives, but I don't think I want to be with him as he wants to be with me all the times. But today I just realised that the more I know of him, the more I know time can make it all work. So I don't know. I sometimes think that its about time for me to decide whether to keep or to lose it. But at times like this, I'm glad I don't have the courage to do that because all I've got is a reason not to think of anything but to sit back and relax, with his fingers all over mine.

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