From an Idealist's Point of View

It's never that I don't care. It's just, I appreciate the way people choose what they want to do, especially when they do it for some particular reason that others may not understand.

Ok, not to sound anything but I think I know how it feels like to have the need to be listened. I also think I know how it feels to have a lot of questions that I don't think people can answer. Not that I feel like I'm the rightest of all, but I think I've been there too, at a point where I think I could predict everyone's answers and therefore I know hearing advices wasn't what I looked for. And because I think I've been there, I feel like I know what's the most needed thing in such cases, even if it's two different conditions that we're talking about here.

Perhaps it is correct to say that some people who never actually tell people about how they feel go blogging and tell the world their deepest secrets that's very sad and gloomy don't mind having total strangers reading their blogs because they won't have to feel anything towards those random strangers' judgments, like, they won't meet them and don't even know them anyway. But what if, all the posts on the blogs that those people never thought would be read, were read by someone they know, whom apparently turned to be sympathy and kindly wanted to initiate a way to tell them they're not supposed to feel that because they're so not alone in this big world, or other good sweet words they might need to hear. Maybe they were shocked to finally find out that these people aren't like what they thought they are. But who would ever know if that kind of sympathy isn't what these people need? I mean, they could just be embarrassed knowing that more people know about their stories, more possibility of people judging them, more possibility of them feeling more depressed because of it.

Also, again I say it's not that I don't care. It's just, I think I know minding my own business is the rightest choice after done listening to the real problems, especially when the people we're dealing with have already known what actions they want and have to take and seem not to take a little more attention to what other people say. I was asked to listen and I did, and I was asked to give a little opinion and I did. I didn't know if they felt a little better after, or maybe worse, but I clearly understand that it's their right to do and feel anything towards my rational opinions. So I guess, being sympathy is not wrong, it's sweet though. But taking a further action? Who can guarantee that further action can help?

Ok sorry, I never intended to be such a heartless bitch. I just think I shouldn't be too 'generous' if I wasn't asked, not because I don't care, but because I don't want to have them feel like humiliated for being pitied or anything. I like my friends and I want them to live happily for sure, in any kinds of way.

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Anonimose said...

yeah i get it now, the last thing anyone needs is a random, meddling person and their seemingly condescending pity.
oh god i'm so worried though!