I was told that I'm not mature enough as I'm supposed to be at this age. And that's funny because whatever it is that I am, of course I'm never gonna be what they want me to be because we live in different eras and we have different perspectives and ways of thinking.

I've recently watched 'I am Sam' and from that movie I got the line 'because people like you don't know how to feel, I try and try and try and fail and people like you just don't know because you're perfect' and 'people like me have husbands that cheat, have sons that hate me etc etc' or something like that. What I'm trying to say is, people like you and me and them and everyone have different shit to face and because none of us know exactly what it is each other has been through, why should we judge? I really wanna laugh at their faces for saying that I am immature while actually what they do show that they are, but if I do, who's playing immature?

Oh right, this isn't me its my anger. Whatever. I'm okay to be named under everything, immature, cold hearted? What? Bitch? Whatever. I'm okay to be called everything for knowing what I want, and pursuing them, and failing and do the all time dreaming. Just because I can't stand on my own just yet, doesn't mean they have the control over me. They will see what I'll do and what I'll become, with or without their help. Until the time comes, let me be the immature cold-hearted bitch everyone may not like. Whatever, I maybe really am.

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