Was that me or was that you?

"I always say that I'm a quiet person, but I always feel comfort in talking with you. Sadly I can't avoid that look in your eyes, that you seem to be pissed every time I started talking. Though I don't understand why you always respond my rubbish in a way that I've never found in anyone else, I somehow can feel that you're, what's the word, pissed. That's weird, my dear, that I always wanna talk to you, and with you responding like that, if I didn't see your face, I'd feel like you're there with me. But again, the more I look at you the more I'm confused, what is it in your mind? Was I ever there like you're in mine? Its probably my big ego that I want you in my life, if not forever at least for a long time. But I don't understand you, maybe I'll never do."

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