New York : Worth the Walk

Hi, I'm currently in Manhattan, NY. I've been here for few days and am leaving to DC and Boston tomorrow. Ok actually I should be out there enjoying the view instead of sitting here writing this right now, but its too cold and I'm currently at the point where I'm pretty bored of wandering around at this cold alone. So I'm staying here till 1 to go to Bronx randomly lols.

Anyway, I'm staying at a hostel, which is great because I met so many new friends from all around the globe here. I went out with a brazilian girl whose name I can't remember, but she was leaving yesterday. And there's another girl that I hang out with too, idk how to say people from Zambia, but she was moving to another place. But that's ok bcs this one I know her name and even her fb page and we managed to still hang out. The rest are actually great, one's from England and one's from Australia, they're all nice and esp they have that accent!!! But I can't understand lol here I am pretending to be busy doing other things while I actually am amazed by their accent and trying to understand without saying something. Pathetic asian girl problem lols.

And I've been to many great places. My hostel is near the Central Park so I've been there many times, got lost many times too till my feet hurt I could barely feel them. And the great thing about having a jet lag is that no matter how late I am to go to bed, I wake up early everyday. I wish I have that kind of jet lag forever. Ugh.

Oh, honestly New York is not as great as what I expected. The people don't seem to care about other people and they are always in hurry that they don't mind breaking the rules. But one thing I like is no matter how weird you look, no one's paying that much attention. Also, it can be very dirty at some places. I got to put away my imagination of a clean subway station as they have lots of rats and rubbish there! But other than that, the design of the city and the air and atmosphere are just too great to be wasted. That's why I've spent most of my time walking over >20 blocks everyday because I know that's one thing I'll never do when I get back to my origin.

Another thing I don't like is the wind! Its too cold its killing me. I woke up with blood in my nose today because it was too cold. The other night when I spent my $22 to climb up the Empire State Building was such a waste of money because I couldn't even take good pics as I couldn't go out to enjoy the view (thanks again to the wind). But whatever, its still New York and I still got few days left to enjoy the USA. Ok I'm going back to bed now then MET!!!

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