Meryl Streep Deserved the Oscar

I've just watched The Iron Lady and the fact that this ambitious woman has spent most of her time chasing what she wanted that she doesn't seem to have many people around her hits me. I'm afraid I'd see myself ending up like her in the future!!! Not that I wanna run for being the leader of a country or whatever but oh well, I've been busy doing things I would love to achieve, I'm not saying that its a bad thing because I'm only 19, but words become actions, actions become habits, habits become character, and character becomes your destiny, or so the movie said.

So here's to the self reflection. I have since long been the one who comes and goes. I don't feel the urge to be categorised as a part of this or that group, thus I bump into those who were and are available at times I need to do something. This might sound wrong but not really, its nothing like I'm using people or something. Right, things get a little complicated I can't explain here. Anyway, I have since long considered the busy kid because I always seem to have something to do. I have discovered that I'm very bad in maintaining regular something-ships, proved by how detached I am to some groups I'm involved in. It sucks to know that I'm the last one to know what happens to everyone, but most of the time I'm glad I don't have to be involved too deep, and that my colleagues and friends are like allowing me to be like that, because its me. And how relationships didn't work pretty well on me is another thing. The main point is, so many aspects I can
relate from Mrs. Thatcher's to my 19 years of life which scares me more of my future makes me come to this. What if I end up pissing everyone I love, future husband, children maybe, because of this so called destiny created by my..habits? I sure have the tendency to chase one thing and another that seem to form an endless pattern (though I've learned that most of them failed because the probability to succeed is somehow much less than it is to fail), and am predicted by many of my closest people to be like that for quite a while, if not forever (my life is predictable? Insert sad face). And with these reasons being said, isn't it normal if I'm scared? I feel like I got all the symptoms but I don't want to have a life like that. Is doomsday really gonna happen at the end of this year? Because there's another thing about future that scares me. They say something about technology development and all that, that brings ease to humans' lives, which eventually
will increase the number of obese people. I'm not in the future yet, but I'm gaining weights as easy as some women around the neighbour. Don't tell me I must not be afraid of the future!

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