"I'm sorry, I only exist when you need me."

With no intention to start this post with an emo statement, I have to agree that reading that on someone's blackberry's profile picture (hold on, do they call it profile picture too?) makes me feel like punching those people who only come when they need something, more like because I think I know some people who do. But then, for one moment I realised, I should've punched myself, right in the face.

I'm not talking about my relationship with humans. I know I haven't interacted with many of them lately that I think my life's pretty boring for talking to the same people over and over again everyday. Anyway, I had my moment last night, where I was too scared to sleep (I started to think that it was the effect of a glass full of coffee I drank earlier), it probably was but I felt really scared that I realised there was only one thing I could do: beg the ultimate power to calm me down and wish that everything are actually ok and they will be. That was two but anyway, I did. And I felt really bad because that means He only exists to me when I need something.

I don't think I have to tell you how it feels when I prostrated voluntarily, let everything I held inside out, told the story I never told, and all them things I don't usually do. And I woke up this morning feeling like I deserve a punch.

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