I feel like exploring this particular issue but I can't seem to find the correct words to avoid misunderstanding of me being so not gurrly gurl and I can't find the resources I need to complete this information for you who are about to waste a couple of minute reading some nonsensical crap about why this and why that and I'm sorry that you're about to get as disappointed as I am though it may be for different reasons. So I'm sorry that I'm not gonna be sorry for letting you lose your time reading this because I assume I have warned you already about how ridiculous this post is going to be. Ready, baby?

I don't understand why girls can call other girls by such intimate names without sounding so wrong like if guys do call their guy friends using sweet names. I know some girls who do and I don't really mind that actually, because well, I don't interact with them that often, but it got me when someone called me that, and I couldn't copy in return because they say it doesn't suit, I don't know the perfect placement for using that, and it turns out wrong if I do. I need explanation here, where's fairness and equal justice they say we were born with as human beings??

I tried to google that, and other than fancy yahoo answers, I could only find articles like 'what cute names to call my girlfriend'. On yahoo answers I found an answer that I think is the best, responding to the question why do girls call other girls sexy. It says 'that's the kind of words they use because they like to be called those things. Girls do call other girls pretty though.' I bet that's a guy's thought. So I've come to the conclusion that it's not only me who think it's weird and sounds really gay for girl to call their girl friends by sweet names, but probably those who have similar opinions with mine are those of the opposite gender of me. And due to the lack of sufficient information that could probably support my hypothesis (I mean the answers from the gurlz), I suppose it really is normal to do that. And again, by lacking of supporting data, I have to stop my curiosity here and have to be satisfied enough with the status quo. I can't say anything to myself but it's alright baby girl, it's alright.

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