You Can't

You can't walk into someone's life, give them hopes and make them fly high, and then leave for no reasons. Most importantly, you can't wish to get back to their lives acting as if nothing happened. You can't equalise people that they do think what you think and feel what you feel. You can't make them see what you see, and you can't expect them to expect what you expect. You can't blame people for things you wish they could do but they couldn't. You can't do things as you damn well please, you're not the rightest of all. You can judge, but you can't hurt people's feelings by telling them what your judgments are. Because people are just people, like you. They don't need to hear any crap they don't need from you, because they have problems already, you can't just add another one onto their lives because in fact, you're not that important.

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