Random Sister Talk

"Why do you seem to have the tendency to leave everything you have for things you're not even sure of?"

I don't know. Why would I not, if I have the opportunity to get better things? I'm just not sure how things will turn out to be, not that I don't know what can or can't be. I'm not sure of how I'd do, not that I don't know what to or not to do. But no, its not like I'd leave everything, I'm not such a gambler. I just happen to be a little more curious than you are, that I think I like to know what would happen if I do this and that and by that I mean I have to experience it myself.

"But you know you can't have everything, don't you?"

Of course I do. Do you think I wanna have everything that if I can't have them I'd get depressed/stressed/do something scary and shit? If so, you don't know me well enough, which is so sad, because biologically speaking we share the same DNA, and psychologically speaking we are raised by the same persons living under same roof etc etc. But to make it short, I know I can't and in fact I don't want to have everything. What makes you think I'm after everything?

"I don't know, you seem to always get what you want."

First, you don't know what I want, I can't remember ever telling you everything I want. Second, even if I really get what I want, I put effort on that, not that I got it for free. People don't get free things.

"Yeah right I forgot you put a massive amount of effort on everything"

On one side I'm glad there's an improve on your sarcasm. However, I need to clarify that I'm not lazy. Well, not that lazy. I might not seem like doing much, but that's because I don't do it in front of people. I'm not commanding you to believe me but if you take a look at what I do, you might be surprised of how well-planned and well-organised I am.

"I can't believe that."

Me neither. I was joking, bitch. But only on that well-planned well-organised shit. If I wanna shit I don't do it in front of you, and that applies to almost everything I do. That's how I roll.

"No, you're just plain lucky. If your luck faded away you won't be anything."

Thanks for telling me that.

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