Probably exhausted

Please tell me, do you see a happy kid who's got almost everything she wants, who does well in almost everything she does, who's surrounded by many fine people, who doesn't have to worry about things others might worry about, who seems to always have something to laugh, who can easily transform something into things she wants, who doesn't stress out much, who's carefree and enjoys everything that others can only wish for, who's luckier than anyone you know, and other nice things you think she has in her life?

Let me tell you. Behind it all there probably lies fears and doubts, the two root problems of what makes her exhausted almost all the time, to face what it appears and what it really is, to have no one to believe, to have nothing to impress, to have nothing to exchange, to have no benefits to offer. There probably lies anger, to imagine what could've and what shouldn't be done. There probably lies regret, to know that should is a strong word that could bring all the confidence into the lowest point. There probably lies anxiety, and disappointment, and sorrow, and misery. Well, probably, I'm just telling you what I think I know.

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