Macedonian Song!

We may speak different languages, but music can go thorough everything. Because after all, we smile using the same language anyway.

After hearing Da možev da te poglednam (Да можев да те погледнам) by Karolina Goceva, a Macedonian song. Suggested by Macedonian friend who likes Sheila on 7 and Mahadewi after I showed her Indonesian song. She showed me many Macedonian songs, especially those of the genre she likes, but none seemed to attract me. So she said 'I must find a Macedonian song that you like!' and gave me this, and said 'I can't believe I'm listening to Karolina now', because for someone who likes something dark and emo and has screaming parts in most of the songs, this song is nothing like that, not even close. Even if this singer screams it would sound like a moan. So yeah, music unites!

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