"Okay I'm gonna say the things I like from everyone. I like your hair after you cut it, it looks so good on you. And you, I love your earrings, it's so pretty. And you, oh god I really like your hair and your smile, so pretty. You, I like your face, everything of your face. And you, I really like your eyes and your eyelashes. It's so thick you don't even need mascara. And I like you guys all, even when I'm not drunk, I really like you guys. I hope you like me too."

"And I feel so bad that everyone here knows at least 2 languages. You can speak your own languages and you speak English almost perfectly. Especially you, your accent sounds perfect. I only speak English and that sucks. Everybody can speak English."


It's been over three weeks since I arrived. Weird, how things change so quickly, and I don't know why I'm always counting down and say how long I've been here. I don't like that. Anyway.

My host university arranged a trip for international students yesterday. We went to the other campus, which looked so pretty, and to Everland, an amusement park. The best thing was it was free. And I went there with a bunch of new close friends, we had so much fun. Though I personally think the amusement park was kind of boring, almost the same with one in Jakarta, except for the giant roller coaster that almost stopped my heart. But it was fun, still.

And friday night is time to party. It's a new thing for me to find drunk people everywhere (even at 10pm, I could find a hell lot of drunk people). And the weirdest part is that they sell alcohol inside campus, so freely, and cheap. And every friday they have different parties inside campus, so you don't need to go to clubs that are far away from the campus (because what sucks is that the subway system here doesn't operate 24 hours like in NYC), and a plus point of being a foreigner is that people will always come to your table, bring more soju or beer or whatever alcohol they have, try to talk to you, get your kakao talk ID, and are always nice to you.

And drunk people are so honest. One of my friends was so drunk last night and the words quoted above belong to her.

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