A Message

Tomorrow is the Creative English class, and I've made my homework which is to make a poetry. So I'm kinda in a poetic mood again. And I've been hearing this old Indonesian song that I showed to my friend the other day, and it's kind of making me a little blown away. A sad song, it has nothing to do with my life and everything but I can just catch the message perfectly (effect of the poetry class). The title of the song is Risalah Hati, well sung by Mahadewi. I just knew that Risalah means message, from Arabic word (that's why when my friend asked what it means I said I didn't know it, because it's originally Arabic). Anyway, the message of the heart, it's about wanting someone to want you back.

And now I'm thinking of everything. I had nice slices of cheap but so good pizza and waffle for dinner today, then we spent a little more time for talking at a cozy place around campus. And it's funny to see how we all come from different places in this small world, none of us are native English speakers, and there are times when we can't find the right English words to describe what we meant, but we can understand each other well. And you know that feeling, when they appreciate what you say and listen and even look forward to your explanations of things, is so good. Something I think people in my origin needs to learn more.

And now I have my Korean roommate laughing in front of her computer. Her laughter sounds creepy because she seems to hold her laughter so she wouldn't bother me doing my business, but I like it, just to make sure that I'm not actually living alone here. Because we don't talk much. She doesn't speak English and I don't speak Korean. And knowing how bad I am in starting a conversation, it's usually just simple 'how you doing' or 'have you had dinner?'. But she's really nice, she helps me a lot with my Korean. I'm not complaining here. So to sum up today's post, I'm gonna write something in Korean, first time since I've been here. 재미있어요

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