Quiet Night in an Empty Room

One quiet night in an empty room
Eyes try to peer into the gloom
Clog clog clog clog
Hear the sound of people walking
Have the ear of the president
Might bring a little more excitement
Tick tock tick tock tick tock
Clock is ticking
Wooooooooosh.. woooooosh..
Aircon operating
Lamp is turned on
Look out the window
Dock! Dock! Braaaaaaaackk! Dshdshdshdsh
Mumbling crowd from distance
Srrrttt srrrttt srrrttt scratch!
Fingers dancing on a blank paper
Tick tock tick tock woooooosh scratch!
One quiet night in an empty room
Never really quiet as I always pressume

I know this sucks, but I kind of like this poem that I made as the 4th assignment of my creative English writing class. A sound poem, so I have to like make a poem out of the sound I hear. So yeah.

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