A week left. Many things happened. I started to wonder, would that be right if I take this big decision, to stop studying for a year, to explore other parts of the world I don't know?

It probably wouldn't, since I can't finance myself yet. I'd have a lot to tell to my parents. I'd perhaps have to swallow my jealousy seeing my friends graduating. But then again, after hearing people's stories, it feels like I'm convinced. What's the point of graduating on time if it doesn't really bring happiness to my life, if it doesn't necessarily help my life to be better? What's the point of seeking for jobs that are difficult to find, that might make me end up continuing the never ending cycle of studying without any significant result? What's the point of doing something that I don't like?

Oh no, the longer I have to wait till I finish, the longer I have to stay. So ok, whatever.

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