Shit just got real

It's true that it's easier to write when you're in your worst mood. And now I'm not.

Anyway it's getting closer to the end! Some of my classes have ended, which was kind of sad. I've never felt that sad to end a class before, well, never at all. And one of my professors was like 'for those who are going back to their countries, I hope we can meet again sometimes in the future'. And I have two upcoming, real, and difficult exams next week, while at the same time, two of my close friends are leaving right after I finish my exams. Tradeoff, priorities, shit just got real.

I also have to start packing up because next week, other than have to be ready to physically lose friends, I have to move out from the dorm. I thankfully have a floor to step in for free, thanks to my dear friends, but still, it's gonna be so.... weird. I can't believe I'm almost there. But yeah, I got time so why bother....

Now study. Next year I'll be dead taking all those shit alone. Whatever.

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