a punch on the face, eh?

This happens a lot. Seeing that picture above just feels like a punch on my face. Seriously, are there people who really want to listen? 

And on a completely unrelated note, one of my closest friends Cristina is returning back to Spain tomorrow! And Eva will go back to Macedonia the night after. So sad, what is this? And as I told you, at the same time, I have to study for finals. But who cares? It's not like I can get a real grade out of it so why bother? Perhaps tonight they're gonna go out drinking again.  

And a funny thing, Cristina got a certificate with a wrong name on it. Instead of Crista, her nick name, it said Cristo (Spanish word for Jesus Christ, I guess). So she said tomorrow we're gonna have The Last Supper with Cristo. 

But still, it's depressing. And I decided not to study tonight. Well I've read them all last week. I know I will not remember most of the things but again, who cares? 

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