Sestina: Farewell

Nothing is more horrifying than distance,
that separates us all. Not to forget the time,
when it’s night here and morning there. On my mind,
I have this picture of wishing and hoping to see you soon.
What is this picture? Nothing but a cliché,
depressing view of the future. Things won’t be the same

from now on. “We are all the same”,
as you said when we first met. “It’s only the distance
that makes us look different”. “What a cliché”,
I replied. And that was the first time
that I started liking someone that fast. “But soon,
you’ll be there and I’ll be here. I wouldn’t mind

to wake up all night to say good morning. I wouldn’t mind
to wait for you to wake up when it’s late. It will be the same
feeling, though it’s different”. I said I’d call you soon,
as soon as I got home. It’s only some thousand miles distance,
we have our way to communicate. “But what about the time?
It will be hard and things won’t be the same without you”. I smiled, “cliché”.

You don’t have to worry about all the clichés,
it’s not like we won’t see each other again. But keep in mind,
that we will unite when it’s time.
Indeed things will change, it won’t be exactly the same.
But don’t ever think like that. Don’t mind the distance,
because I’m sure we’re going to see each other again soon.

And since before long it’s never going to be soon,
and I know whatever you say I’ll find it cliché,
but again I say there’s no point of thinking of distance,
because our memories stay in our minds.
Whatever things that will happen won’t make us the same
persons anymore, but humans evolve. It’s about time

when we realize we have changed. It’s about time,
that we know we’ve changed for better reasons. Soon,
or later in the future, will be just the same.
We still have to wait, to hope, to wish. Cliché
indeed, but keep that in mind,
nothing can change what had happened, not even distance.

Though all the time we had would sound like a cliché,
I promise that soon, and I won’t change my mind,
I’ll contact you and I’ll always look at you as you are now, even though we have distance.

One of the poetries I had to read for finals of Creative English Writing. My professor liked it. I was satisfied enough, but you know what I don't like about this? When I made this, I was thinking about now. It looked so real and I was right.

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Anonymous said...

this is really good 0__0

even cooler that you wrote it before you even left!

this is Joan by the way haha