Wait, clients?

Most of the time I talk eye to eye with people, I listen. Not that I wanna say it's bad or anything, I sometimes feel great by listening to people's problems because I found a lot of wonderful things to learn from that.

Did I tell you that few days ago I had to listen to my 10 year old cousin? Yes, if I was a psychologist or some special life-lessons advisor, he was my youngest client. It was challenging though, for I had to find suitable words that he could understand in order to calm him down. And it was so cute, knowing how such a young kid can have such an interesting problem.

And today I got my oldest client; my mother. It feels weird that her reason to like talking to me is because I would never tell anybody else, unlike my brother who always tells my father, or my little sister who always has different arguments with her, or my bigger sister who always tells me in the end. I bet she doesn't know the reason why I never tell anybody else is because most of the time I don't really care. Wait, I'm not a bad person.

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