I just met you but I've loved you

You know what, i used to think that I could only fall for those who are good looking and smart. I was wrong. I never thought it would turn out this way.

She's so ugly and stupid. Did i mention she's far from good looking? Yes. And she's very stupid too. I can easily deceive her by giving false hope. She'd think I'll let her do whatever she wants, but its never like that. I love spending time with her, squeeze her head out of excitement, rub her neck and belly. All those things I've never done in such a long time. I can tell her whatever things i have in mind. I can tell her how happy i am, or how tired i am, and she'll always look at me with that 'do you think i give a fuck' face. I can talk to her using all the bad words i have, and she won't ever mind. And all she does is just come to me and touch her body against mine. And just recently i watch her sleeping. I don't mean to be such a creeper or anything, but she sleeps very peacefully despite all the Mosquitos that bite her.

I don't know why I'm writing this. I've been trying to write since yesterday but i always ended up staring at a blank page and closing the tab. Now after seeing this lovely thing, i think its safe enough for me to say that maybe I've become a cat lady sooner than i thought. And i don't mind.

p.s: i tried to call her by some fancy names but she'd only come when i imitated her meow voice, so her name is Miyu.

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