Hard Decision

I went straight to home after skipping classes today when some brilliant idea came across my mind: I need to start studying today, exams are coming real soon. And after having a real tough battle with myself considering what subject to start with, I decided to start with econometrics (right, because that's the only course the textbook of which I have successfully borrowed from a friend).

After hours of thinking (which includes eating, watching TV, playing with cat, eating again, talking to sisters, eating), I've finally dragged my lazy ass off to open this so not interesting book and managed to start reading it. So far I've read the About the Authors and the Acknowledgement sections and am more interested in knowing why Prof Gujarati said thanks to his daughters and grandchildren but not to his wife. Maybe he was divorced? Or maybe his wife died? It seems like a mystery to me. But as I start to turn the page and find all these ugly symbols, I now am struggling in the thoughts of continuing studying or just close the book and watch The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes the hardest decision of lime comes from the simplest choices.....

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