Get It? Ha Ha

"Funny how things work, eh?"

I'm never a huge fan of roller coaster. That feeling when I'm on top then go down really fast and all I have to do is to wish that the protector of my seat is safe enough to hold my helpless body when I'm rolled up and down is never comfortable for me, it makes me sick somehow. Yet, I've been riding one emotionally since a long time ago and do you know how that makes me feel? Numb.

That's what's funny. Imagine one situation that can make you go all angry and all you wanna do is to punch someone in the face, with a knife or other sharp objects, as hard as possible. And a second later imagine a situation completely different, like when you only wanna lock yourself up in a room very quiet, far from the crowd, wish not to see the faces you see everyday. No, it's not bipolarity. It's just that, well, being exposed to those kind of feeling almost everyday makes me tired and don't know how to feel anymore.

Then I started to laugh at stupid things that I did or at things that ended up leaving me in such stupid situations. It feels much better, after admitting that I have a problem, things are much easier to accept. And what's funnier is, people still think I'm awesome. Yeah, it really is not my fault that I look smart and cool and super awesome and amazing and..............

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