Sigh, people.

What is lemon?

Some people think that having no place to stay every night is life giving them lemons. Some others think that having to study math that doesn't even have numbers anymore is life giving them lemons. For some it might be when their fancy phones are running out of batteries, or even having to choose what to eat for dinner. So many thoughts on this lemon thing, why would life giving people free lemons if there's no such thing as free lunch?

But maybe it's not fair to compare what lemon means to every person, because indeed people have different minds and thoughts and opinions and ideas and their own ways of seeing life. I think it's perfectly okay and normal to feel a little sour for once in a while because people need to keep being humans, and maybe all this lemon thing is one way to keep them human. And no one should be sorry for what they feel. It's what they say they should be sorry for, if it harms other people. But feelings never really hurt people, not with other supporting actions.

So with that being said, I hope people can understand (as I think I would do if I were to be in their positions), that what matters to me doesn't matter to them and vice versa, therefore they have no right to judge, that me feeling miserable for having to face everything I'm facing now is me being so ungrateful. Of course they can think of whatever they want, but they have no right to tell me that I'm being ungrateful because in fact, they don't feel what I'm feeling and therefore they don't know how miserable it really feels to be in this position right now. Or even if it's not miserable at all, still there's no reason why people should judge other people for having different perspectives on things with them.

Try walking in my shoes before you judge why I can't run.

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