Artificial Heart

The Artificial Heart

If it's already possible for someone to have this artificial heart, does that mean that bionic person wouldn't have feelings at all because all the emotions come from the heart [and I highly doubt that something that's human-made, especially some glass looking thing like this, can be that fancy to work just like the original one], or I'm just being too naive (if not stupid) that the term heart that people use when they talk about emotions is actually different with this heart that works to pump our blood? 
Question comes from one of the sleepless conversations with a friend some times ago and now I can't help thinking of what my sister said 'you ask too much, you're so annoying'.

On a completely unrelated note, did I tell you I hate people? Oh yes. Sometimes I feel like I'm numb of hating already because I do it everyday since I don't know when, while love is a new thing so I can still feel it. Pfft anyway yeah, just had a conversation with someone so selfish and immature. I kind of feel bad for her though because she clearly has no idea what she's done and what impact she causes on someone's life. Ok maybe it's not really a big deal because I don't really give a fuck about her problems, (and the reason is because she disrespects people in the first place), but I just want to point out that people should know that there are billions other people in the world and they are never really alone. With that being said they should know that the world never really revolves around them and they need to respect other people no matter what.

So I'm getting irritated at pointless things now, good job. If this continues maybe I should consider having the artificial art so I can focus more on becoming a good robot (what at least it's a good robot).

Please grow up, people.
(says some random kid)

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