The People Who Want to Impress

You care too much; about how you act, about what they think. You want to manage everything. Don't you understand sweetheart, that not everything is under your control?

Sometimes you feel like if you don't do certain things, people won't like you as much. Those feelings then lead you to be too careful in showing them what you want them to know. Even worse, you do things for yourself while it's supposed to be for them. But you think to yourself, 'if by doing so both parties can be benefitted, why not?'.

There are a lot of things you don't know. Or you do, but you're not sure because you're blinded by your very own idea about perfection, about your perfect image in people's eyes. You want them to think that you are what you think you are. But darling, look a little deeper. You can't hold them from having opinions on their own. You can't always be mean to yourself by being too selfish. You can't be like this all the time.

So you ask who I am to speak. I'll let you know honey, I won't come to you if you keep doing this. Even when you think I do, I must be faking, I won't be real. I just want you to think that you need to be happy for who you are no matter what people say, because there surely is something beautiful inside you that comes naturally, no need for you to shove it up their faces. You ask again who I am to preach?

My name is Love, and now I won't come close.

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