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Life's worth enjoying even when the stupid things take over.

I'm inspired to write here again, because you know, I'm supposed to write 3 papers this week and I'm awesome that way.

Anyway, I've been talking to these people continuously lately and I'm amazed by how much I can learn from them. It's actually just some random conversations about their lives and mine and knowing the fact that we face different things and we have different definitions of problems, it makes me realize how interesting it is to see things from different perspectives before taking a (possibly wrong) conclusion out of something if I didn't really know the other perspectives.

Another thing, I feel like I'm completely obliged to be a family man (wait I'm not a man...), a family lady, because having my two sisters being free and by free I mean they've just graduated and have nothing to do in particular and they're almost always home now is fun as I never thought it would be. We discussed a lot and it's so funny for me knowing that I never really felt like I was that close to them, but now it's changed a little bit to a better thing. And I'm also amazed by how stupid they can act (seriously haha), and how different their points of view from mine are even though we were raised by the same people. And one day we were talking about our future plans and one of my sisters was like 'I want to spend a lot of time with mum and dad before they're gone', and that kind of hit me hard because they all know how badly I want to go out of here and start a new great life that of course isn't here. And then she told me that mum once said that she wants dad to take her travelling and stuff and I was like 'one day I'll send them tickets to travel to my place' and she was like completely blown away and was like 'I WANT THAT TOO!'. Yes, my sisters are stupid :')

And I miss someone, fml. And I'm a little afraid of my journey next month because up until now I still don't know where to stay and I'm still unsure of whether or not I'll go solo. I've actually planned the whole trip with a friend but she's been so weird I can't understand and she doesn't seem like she seriously wants to go even though she's purchased the tickets. So I'm not sure, I'll just wait until I got my visa to start to consider everything more seriously, which is tomorrow.

Also, happy to announce that I'm fully distracted, which is good, yet I now have another obsession, which is not so good.

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Crista said...

fml? xDD What's that? wait... is it a name? xDD

And I know what you mean.. feeling guilty cos u wanna travel far away... kkkkkk

Lov u kuch!