I'm a little sad.

I was doing my assignment today and it went all unbalanced and shit and it got me so frustrated I almost died, but then dad came home and helped me out and in a minute (or maybe 2), it went all well. I love him so much I could die (in the literal meaning if he didn't come save me up).

And then as always I was talking to my friend and this time it was about impression and how people try hard to impress while actually, sadly they don't matter that much to other people. And that led me to think that damn right, as I was talking to her, I created an impression on her, and so did she, but I was all afraid that I created such a bad impression that's too stupid and unimportant that I won't tell here, but that got me thinking again whether I'm not I flunk into that category of people who want to impress. That, or that it's actually natural for human wanting to impress other people. Maybe the difference is the dose, the amount of their needs to impress.

But then again:
"Personally I think you should not waste your time with thinking about that unless you want to analyse that stuff and write an publish a paper about that to make money out of it" - Alexa.

Fuck I still have 4 papers to go.

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