Mini Fiction : When You Stopped Talking

Don't stop, please don't. 

Someday somehow you'll know how hard it is for me to bring up something to talk about, and how grateful I am to find out that you're more talkative than I thought you are, and how scared I am to realise when you stopped talking, you're probably gonna walk away too far from my touch.

So here I am trying to arrange my stupid little words together to steal a bit of your attention, but I suck big time and I'm not sure if you have a clue about that. My phone kills me when it doesn't show up your name. I look at it over and over again and instead of just talking to you right away, my selfish and stupid ego brought me to another place where you definitely can't reach. And I'm mad at how I act, I can't take you with me here and I can't penetrate your world if every time you stopped talking I become cranky like this. 

What I don't understand is you create an idea in my head that I can rely on you, and you act as if you mean everything you say, then you stopped talking. And I started to think that I'm a really weird person for I feel so insecure when people stopped talking to me. That maybe something is really wrong with me and it's very obvious that even strangers won't say nice things to me. That maybe I really am a very selfish person for I'd beg to hear from you but you rarely hear anything from me. But you always give the impression that you don't mind it, and that gets my hopes up and it's so wrong.

So don't stop talking, please don't. It's a routine, my routine if not ours, and you can't just quit like that. 

The best time to be inspired to write is of course when you have finals the day after.

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