"Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone."
Counting Crows by Big Yellow Taxi

I have this friend who's gonna leave soon. Of course, it's always about people coming and going lately. And too late when I realised that we're actually that good of friends, we're running out of time. I'm leaving next week and when I'm back, she'd be leaving for good already.

So recently I've been hanging out with her quite a lot. We went to a crater together with my sisters as well, and we went to a place she's been wanting to go since the first few weeks she's been here (though it wasn't that impressive and my sisters didn't talk to her due to language barriers and she was tired and I couldn't do anything about it too). And today we went out again for dinner and ended up watching movie and there were a lot of funny things that I think are worth telling here, a memory worth remembering for this stupid little fish.

Actually there was no plan at the first place, it was all spontaneous. Today I was supposed to meet a friend and I didn't have anything to drive so I went with my sister who was going to the same direction with me. After I finished, I was waiting for her again to go home together, but she was still working so I thought I'd just go to a mall nearby and wait for her there. So I contacted this particular friend I'm talking about and invited her to come for dinner and she said yes.

Even for me to get there was funny. I randomly met another friend and I asked her how to walk to the mall from my university, so she told me the direction but I wasn't so sure about that. So after arrived at the bus stop, there were two girls there and I asked them how to get to the mall I'm going to. And they were like 'we're going there too, come with us'. So I said yes and followed them. But the pavement was so small and was only fit for two people, and they were walking so slowly. So I was like, wanting to go pass them but I couldn't because I was walking with them basically, and it was so awkward that I had to walk behind them. So yeah.

After eternity I finally arrived. And when she finally came, we went to a restaurant and after eating she showed me pictures of her family and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's baby niece's dancing video which was so funny and cute. Not so long after we saw a kid dancing and we laughed so much. Coincidence.

Then we went to the theatre to watch movie, but we were 20 minutes late to watch Fast and Furious 6. Then we were looking at the movie posters and we coincidentally were looking at the same spot: Vin Diesel. Then she was like 'I like him', when I was saying 'hey daddy' to him. And we laughed because later on we found out that both of us think he's so hot. And then we decided to watch the movie After Earth and after buying the tickets before leaving the place (we had like 25 minutes before the movie started and she wanted to smoke), we went back to look at Vin Diesel again. Girls....

And after the movie, it was almost midnight already and it was friday and the mall has this Friday Jazz night show and she said it's also funny because she and the other exchange student have been wanting to go there since the very beginning and today was practically their last friday night but they haven't seen that yet. So before going back we decided to stop for a while to watch. And it was funny that there weren't a lot of people watching and the music was nice actually but we laughed so much at how they played. Not so long after we saw another little kid dancing so hilariously and she was so cute and she had the moves which makes it even funnier, she danced as if she was professional and that made us laughed so much because that reminded us of the video of her boyfriend's niece that we saw earlier. Another funny coincidence. (But then the kid noticed that we were laughing at her and she stopped dancing, I still kind of feel bad about that now that I think of it).

After that we really went back home, but we went to different directions and I don't know why I said we could just walk to her place then I took a cab from there. But we did and there was another funny thing. We were talking about a lot of random stuff, one was about google glasses and the possibility for people to watch porn from that thing and later on, we passed by a parked taxi and she was shocked when she said 'did you see what the driver watch???'. I didn't but I laughed so much because I guessed correctly that he watched porn. And it was just another funny coincidence.

I had so much fun today, maybe also because I've been running away from studying. But yeah, one thing she asked that strikes me and reminds me that she's leaving so soon:

So, when are you coming to Europe?

P.S: I'm so very creative that a couple of times I write something about my friends I don't know what title to put on so I just put on their names. Maybe I'm really that much of a fish that I need to be reminded that when I re-read those posts I'd know right away that I wrote them for them.

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