I'd like to know what my dreams mean, okay? Enough with the freaky thing you're calling, I got them enough from my sisters. Lol jks, it's alright call me freak all you like because maybe I really am.

Anyway I'm currently having final weeks and when I was done with the first week, I went out of town with a friend and procrastinated my responsibility to study until yesterday when I started to think that I'm running out of time to do everything. To study, to start packing up, to spend time with my leaving friends, and so on and so forth before finally leaving to the jetted life this friday. Ok not jetted life, whatever.

And yeah onto the topic, I was trying to study last night and it was so tiring that I decided to sleep early and planned to wake up earlier the next day (which is today) to study. Yaay to the plan, of course I couldn't wake up early to study. But I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream where in my dream I failed two of my exams and my friends were all like 'aww, poor thing' and it felt so real because I saw their faces when saying that and it just felt as if they really would say that if I really failed. Then I woke up and realised that one of the exams I failed hasn't even been tested so I was sure it was just a dream. And knowing how much of a little insecure freak I am, I looked it up on google to find out what failing a test dream might mean and discovered that it might not be related to the test, it just shows unreadiness in general, which I think I am, knowing all this running out of time thing I've been thinking of lately. Then I told my sister later and she was all like 'what a freak you believe in that?'. Yeah, I was a little... scared.

And other than running out of time, I'm running out of money as well. Blah. There goes another 20 minutes well-wasted.

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