Posting from Manila now, waiting for the next flight to Seoul. Day 3 of the whole trip, got quite a lot of life lessons already.

First, always make plan B. my friend lost her baggage today from the plan, and everything's in there. Now that she has to wait for her baggage to be delivered (which hopefully will happen, though I'm not really sure about that), she doesn't have anything to wear for tomorrow. So I take it as a lesson that when travelling, have at least a pair of clothes in your hand-carry bag. Just in case.

That's probably the only serious part of the journey of today. The rest were more like a self-reflection for me. Being together with a person for a while and having to handle the difficulties coming from how different we are brought me to a conclusion of what kind of a person I am and I've become. (For the record, I've been doing the soul-searching thing lately, to know who I am. Lol seriously). And what's funny is that maybe it's never changed all this time. I'm still the same old grumpy person who never really tells people the grumpiness explicitly. Along with my flat face, people won't really know know when I like them so much or I hate them so much.

With that being said, another thing is that I'm a very extreme person. I like you or I don't like you. Never I don't really like you or I kinda like you. And that makes a huge different on how I think of you and how I treat you. And that's not important for you but it is very important for me. I'm still learning how to show affection and how to make people get the right impression of what I'm doing and how I'm feeling for them. So yeah, I'm so extreme :|

Thirdly, I think too much more than I should, which most of the times gets me into trouble that I created. And I feel bad for what I think though maybe sometimes I have the right to think of a bad thing of someone because of what they do. Does that make me inconsistent?

And I'm possessive. It's probably the worst of all. When I care about people, I do. And that means they have to know. And when they know I'm not really an affectionate person, how do you think they will know? Right, go figure.

On a completely unrelated note, Seoul in a few hours and I'll be reuniting once more! Yaay!

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