A Play

We're on a play. You see?
We don't know how it started. Just when we realised, we both are working on the script.
It's supposed to be never ending.
Like, I will add on something I'll say, then you add more to your part.
Continually. It should never stop.
I'll say something too much sometimes, then I'll feel bad about it.
But then you'll fill in and say something more to balance it up.
And it becomes a routine.
Maybe sometimes there will be a writer's block or something.
But hey, we got all the time! The world is our stage.
Time is unlimited and it's just a concept.
We're a pro at this, it's not that big a deal.
We can stop sometimes for a while, get rid of the script we've been working on, get a fresh air but know what? We're gonna get back on the game.
Or to be exact, you can stop sometimes.
I won't, though.
I'm not saying I'm a better writer or a better player or anything.
I'm just a little more impatient ok?
But it's also not that big a deal.
I know you're always going back after your rest.
But hey, will you promise me something?
Don't take a break for too long, ok?
We got a play here.

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