Please Come Home

I look up and see the moon
It treats the night like a lady
There I sense your presence
It never felt as real;
I find myself craving you
I find you hiding in the back of my mind

I want to cry because it's not happening

Your touch, I still remember
You held my hand and I felt safer
All the nice things you said,
I need you to comfort me again
I don't want the sun to come
I just want to be the woman of the night

I want you to say it's true

I'll always be here, I promise
Though times are tough sometimes I'd give up
I'll set a camp out here if that makes you feel better
It is tonight I'm mad you've disappeared
After all there's no goodbyes addressed to me
I didn't sign for this!

I miss you so much you won't know it's real

Beneath my calm surface I feel my blood boiled
I'd dance to your music but I'd be alone
I'd break the door but you won't be there
One is a lonely number yet two is too far away
I'd look at my shadows but they won't look back
They long for you, and they stay that way

I hope you'll find your way back
I hope you'll realise we share the same stars
And I'll tell you;
I don't need to stare deep into my soul,
I don't need to search for you there

Because I found you everywhere

The bush of flowers hides your smiles
The sound from afar whispers your laughter
I find the pictures of us in my heart
And I try to knock on its door,
Hoping for you to show up and let me in

But it's my heart and it's not yours

I pity myself to let you steal it
Now I'm locked outside and you're not home yet

I miss you so much
Please, come home

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