The Letters that I'll Never Send #3

Hey there. 

If there's one word to describe what I feel about you, it's disgust. You disgust me in so many ways, and though I feel guilty about it, I can't help it. 

When people say nice things about you, I try really hard not to show my disgusted face. When you try to be nice to me, I question myself why I can't stop feeling disgusted. You're probably not aware of that, but really, you need to stop doing what you do. But that doesn't sound fair to you, does it? That's why, I have to step back because I can't tell you right away that you're disgusting. 

Pardon my word honey, but I've had enough of holding that feeling. It's tiring, especially because you don't seem to know that it bothers me so much what you did. And I don't want you to ask me either. I want to just leave it like that, because no matter how I think you're disgusting, I might not be any better. And instead of having both of us thinking of negative things of each other, we still have that option to just fuck off of each other's life and just be a stranger to each other. That's probably better. 

And oh, stop being so pathetic. It disgusts me even more. X

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