exploded brain!!! *baca: otak meledak

okay, finally, after a long long holiday time, i have to get back to the real world. (coz this holiday felt like dreams, lol). no more late wake up, no more sleep late :(. no more not taking a bath, and no more jamur. *apasih??*. the point is, i have to do the daily activities again, and do that fkn belated exams! hate that so much. anyway, hows everyone goin? seems like a very long time no post. im pretty great here. just gained 3 more kilos, become a 'home' girl, doin nothin, feels like garfield *miauww* lol. missing all my friends so much! not only the overseas ones, but also my jemppols! where have you been guys? rimoy tante, pakabar loh?? okay, this will be just a simple posting, coz i have to get back to my books. *baca: buku pelajaran pinjeman*. so, ttfn! chiaoooooooo

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heri said...

hai, numpang lewat ya....