another boring day

today i had to go to limau for afs stuff, and since its like far away from my house and i cant go there by my self, i asked my parents to take me there. i told em to go at least at 12 coz i need to be there before 1. and my dad asked me to hurry at 11.30, so i thought wed go at 12. and olga, had sent me smses, said she was on the way limau and couldnt stay for a long time. and so after ive finished dressing, (12 to 5), i was ready to go. and when i saw dad, he was sitting in front of his laptop, playing spider solitaire. okay, i told him that it was almost 12, we had to go by that time. and he said 'in a minute'. what did i do? waited for him playing stupid game? while olga said she almost arrived? syit. i asked him to go for about 5 or 6 times and he just said wait a min.

then it was about 12.10 when olga said shed already arrived at limau and asked where i was. damn, i was still, at home. then we heard adzan and dad said he'll pray first. olga had arrived and i was still at home? it needs at least 1 hour to go there and of course id be late. it sucked a lot.

and finally, after long long times i arrived at about 1.15. met erica ajeng avi dilla and also olga! dang it was great (forget about the shitty thingy before). and after had a meeting for open house afs next week, we had lunch together and went home. actually i had to go to margo city to meet tante kopong and karti. but i was too tired to go and plus didnt have enough cash to go. so i just stayed home doing nothing and still not talking to anyone (since last week)..

well, again, today was another boring day. ahh, not that boring. i just met a new friend on msn, named lucas, a-not-virgin-18-year-old boy from usa. lol, nice talkin to you luke! :D

zzz, now what? felt like so much things to say but now i cant say anything
okay id better get back to my book 'snob' than,

ttfn =D

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