okay, another day has gone. many things happened. i couldnt remember anything happened yesterday, so ill just tell you bout today.

well today, was a nightmare! after school, i helped my bestie out to get her phoned back (because of a reason a shitman took the phone), and shitfully (wtf on my word?!), that shitman didnt give the phone but shouted at us angrily and emotionally. he supposed not to do that, he didnt have a right to do that!! so after a long discussion, we got home without the phone ......


okay, enough for the shit part, now lets move to another part.
here goes.........................

okay, let me say a thing. i really miss my host family (the ohkubos, we had such a good time). but its not like im not trying to still keep in touch with them, no! i sent them email (and knew later they couldnt get online), and i phoned them couple times. but the problem was, they couldnt understand what im saying. damn its sucks :'( ... so yea, i cant call them that often (and plus i usually have no credits). but all of all, i miss 'em. (tomoka, okasan, otousan, onesan, obaasan :D *ps. i dont even know how to write those jap names*)

(left to right, onechan obaachan okasan me tomoka otousan) miss ya xox

and also this...
when we were at a restaurant, spent about 15000 yen!!! yahoooo :D

and next, i miss mike!! oh i always love the times i chat with him. hes soooo funny and seems like we'll always have something to talk about, lol. ill try to upload his voice here, his song, lol.

(failed, so yeaa i just can tell you how funny it is )

ahhh, i read newspaper couple days ago, it said about technology in indonesia. in 2010, indonesia would have been able to produce mini cars (designed for 2 passengers) , in which made with motorcycles machines and cars bodies. itd be cheap (price at about under 30 million rupiah), and because it made in jawa tengah, itd designed with batik (so jawa tengah). well i hope that will come true, at least we can beat malaysia with its proton cars.

ahhhh, nothing more i can say. im standin off :|
till meet you again! :D

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