Aussie accent

todays great. ive got mails from tamara and ashleigh (theyre saying bout their holidays), and a comment from tezza (talked bout how busy he was, and how he missed me =). and also an sms lol. thats great!
and also, had convo with kaitlyn and fhun. well kaitlyn was asking bout some indonesian words lol, coz she has a balinese friend! cool hahah.

okay, the net had been given me so many things, but such a crap its runnin sooooo fkn late!! now i cant talk to fhun because of that. *thanx to indosat! :@*

hufffhhh, lets move on.
today at school was just another day. passed it with friends (cina 'shut up' man, nevya 'the future president from bitchy bamboos' lol, and gita 'the legislator wannabe') looooooooool. those fellas cheer my day up.
but i didnt see yasmin today. idk how she is coz i cant sms her (the phone stuff). ahh thats bad.

well but all of all, todays been good.

ahh i wanna tell you that i learned some aussie accent from gita days ago! lol thats funny. whatevah! im goin to australia to die (today) lol. i think british accent sounds sexy, sexier than american. but thats kinda funny tho to learned bout sumthing new (nyu as aussie accent ;)

here are some words ive learned:
- arse hole >> loooooooooool
- whatevah
- mothah
- fathah (everything with -er in the end turns to -ah)
- norwh (instead of no)
- umm, what else? idk lol

well ill find other aussie words, lol

umm i think thats it for todie, i have to have shower now
tata for now! =D

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