what ive been lately

havent posted for ages. well, many things happened:

1st, everything went alrite between me and family
2nd, the farewell party was great
3rd, i love my pet rabbits soooo (lol, whenever i came they always asked for foods. fattys ahahah)
4th, i ate too many unhealthy foods lately (who cares anyway)
5th, tomorrow will see olga and otherss :))))
6th, gossip girl! looooool

well let the story begins.....

actually i know nothing to write, just feel average right now. but todays been great! i met some friends and got a farewell party, and for sure, it wasnt a sad one! well i kno we wont meet each other easily but it -the party- was fun. we talked a lot, made jokes of everyone *lol*, and.. ahh took photos!! (ill upload it when ive been tagged)
were supposed to say goodbye when its over, but, we, happily, said see ya later!
well see ya later anne, nicky, amy, pascal, and adith! --i still can see the rest at school :)

and umm, lets talk bout spooky thingy!
today anins cousin told some stories. one of em is her friend saw some dwarfs under her bed! wtf its so weird. if i was her, the one who saw the dwarfs, id like to say, hi, my names snow white :|
end of story.

and another story was...., story bout the sate seller! here goes.....

its about someone who wants to buy sate at a rainy midnite, and shocked when seeing the seller had no head and the feet were not in ground! omigosh!!!!
when she looked at it carefully, what happened was, she couldnt see the sate sellers head because it covered by an umbrella. and the feet was covered by some plastic. lol, it supposed to be spooky, but its not spooky at all. not as spooky as being terrorized by stalkers!! (the ozone stuff is sooooooooooo annoying)

and okay, thats it for today. im not gonna say i miss blablabla again. they can do their lives so well and why cant i?? so okay, dont let me confused about that thing again, its so gay. well see ya everyone!!

nighty night, dont let the bed bugs bite.......
(mikes song, loooooooool)
im not going to sleep anyways, lol, ill watch a movie. but oyasuminasai!!!

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