cuttie fatty bunny

long time no see!
ive been 'busy' lately so couldnt post any. but okay now ill tell ya bout.... my pet!!

ive got 3 pet rabbits and 2 hamsters.
here they are:


dobol, the angora one

the fattiest of all!!

actually those three have no names. coz whenever i tried to call them, theyve never come to me :|. but everytime i checked em, without saying a thing, they came to me, asking for foods! cutie fatty ones ^^,

and i also owned 2 hamsters, and the names are curut A and curut B. theyre so small, and disgusting. (lol)
last night at about 11pm, i saw curut A (or B, i cant even see the difference), was playing with the spin wheel. and 'innocently', i spinned it up. and whooooooooossss, it was falling down. and my reflex was, saying 'sorrrryyy cur!' out loud. it was lame hahah. (im so mean. im sorry :'(

okay thats it. ill grab some foods now


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