aint a big thing

hell to the O, hello! *fawk hahah
well nice meeting yas again after a long hibernation. im not really in the mood rite now but thats okay i just wanna write something here.

today is the last day of may, which means i havent talked to tamara for exactly a month. miss her so but idk shes probably busy with sumthin and i aint supposed to think about it cause it aint my business. but anyways, i sent her email today. and also i sent a happy birthday sms to kirby today. happy birthday kirby!!! (thanks kaitlyn for tellin me)

and, today, i did nothing as usual. picked iya to her school at 7am, then slept like a bear till 12.30 pm, then went back to her school. been totally a driver for her (what else i can say huh?) but then just went online a long day. suddenly the day has changed, and the holidays over, and i have to get back to the routinity, and start exams soon? oh god thank you for making the time flies so fast :|
2 things i wanna tell, this is so hot rite now, i need to change my clothe just now, and the alphabets on my keyboard are fade away and it makes me slower to type. shit.

and, im planning on join a writing competition by tupperware, had finished it but havent printed and sent it. im way too lazy to do it all. but well hope i can get the mood before june 30th......

okay ill go now, *hugs*
i love hugs hahahahahahha
smell ya next time!

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