where have i been?

heyyaaaa, im freakingly back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,D

yeah after 'years' havent posted any, now im officially back
well many many things happened. and the worst was,

rest in piece, mashi. i love you :'(

and another story is, mike called me yesterday! wooooop, was nice to hear his voice, again. LOL (yeah he said it llloooll. lol lol lol). ah again its all about the distance.

but anyways, im soon gonna have an excursion to jogja. freakingly forced by the **** to go, and then ive decided to go, and cant believe that Rp 700k will only for 3 days? oh fuck.
i want my money back! :@

and uh, last night stev asked me and gita to see friday night jazz at margo, then we went there, and later stev sent sms said he couldnt go. oh thankyou stevano! i has to spent the times with gitings family and i felt not so good about that. no its not like i dont like her family. just, umm, i was *cough* shy? *cough* but anyways thanks a bunch for gita and fams.

yet, i wanna tell you OMG LEIGHTON MEESTER IS A SINGER!!!! lol sorry for being so late but the fact is ive just known it yesterday. haha. i love the song, cbra starship ft. leighton meester good girls go bad. love it love it (=

and know what, when holidays come my insomnias back. well i couldnt go bed before 2 am and thats because my stupid addiction to a game. called spider solitaire. yea people who knows it already said im such a goof. oh well..............

another thing is, my brother told me that someone at mall asked him to be an actor or an ads star, and thats great! haha yea i know one day what ive thaught him will be useful. *ouch! who throws this shoe?* haha well good luck for ya my brotha!
p.s : the agency peeps also asked for his siblings to go then he gave my number. but then he said im wearing this hijab thingy so im not qualified. oh well hahahahhahaha

okay, i actually dont know what to say so id better standing off.
till i get the mood back, again (=

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