todays been.....

todays been, good. i went school, doing nothing, no teachers came, and just talked to mates and laughed, till the 'time to go home' came. lol thats the best moment of all, going home early!!! wooohoooo!!! but before, we -cina ayin and i- went to a comp rental and saw, uhhmm uhuk uhuk :plegh: 'the renter was a chikan!!!!', lol not directly a chikan, but i can say hed be a chikan if he met them all. wel for you who dont understand, lemme tell you this. he -the renter-was online on www.tagged.com, i didnt know what thats about and soon i just knew its a kinda match maker site. and he was just dropped by some girls sites and commented atit all. like 'hai lam kenal ya...' eww. we -cina ayin i- were like tried so hard to hide our laughter but we knew we all couldnt do it well. so it came up like we were talking bout something funny, in fact its not funny at all, and still laughing at the renter man. LOL! what a twit..........

and after, we went to universitasgunadarma to giving back our proposal, and then went out to margo city, to buy something. and we had to go to my house soon to make the slide for presentation, but it was raining. okay we waited for hours, then went to mine. and theres really nothing special bout it. then gita came and we did our project.

and again, tonight is just another night, nothing has changed yet, still end up in the middle of the nite on the net (i believe this is he effect of the tea). well my body feels sooo tired but my eyes cant be cooperative. well im still missing someone, and still looking for someone *eww, cant believe im just writing this on, not enough energy to delete it*. so to sum up, todays been good because of the treatment id had, facial thingy, and body scrub. yum yum hahah.

cathca later! (:

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