another night has gone. uhm i really cant wait for next year to come. really want to be graduate soon. uhm i wonder how my graduation day would be. like, umm, would i cry? or laugh? or, uh, would it be the same to see all friends on their graduation clothes? like whatever i felt, good or bad, i spent my years on that school, with them, with the laughter and the tears, the funny jokes and the not so funny jokes. the good side and bad side had shown, nights and days been together. i just realized one thing, it aint that easy to forget. aint that easy to find something new, to live a new life without what i used to have, to think about what ive never think about before, to get into a brand new environment. aint that easy. okay, the best for now is just dont think about it. hahah bad habbit of mine, always thinking about something unimportant. really. okay lam, just go with the wind wushhhhh....

anyways, today i didnt do anything. just woke up late, as usual, had brunch, read magz, watched tv, did nothing, played keyboard, umm, then went online. chatting as always. i really am a lazy bum that i dont go anywhere and just stayed home eating-sleeping like a pig. eww.

and now is about 2.00 am! hurray hahah i cant sleep right now, idk why. but im pretty sure i couldnt wake up ontime tomorrow. oh well, today will be my last holiday, so ill enjoy it as well. :cry: i wont have any holidays again! oh gosh, i really envy thai studnts that they have a very long time holiday. ill blame the govt for this, lol

okay, i dont know what to say now, so id better go. smell ya later!
thatha! =D

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