upset happy happy :D

today was good. not so good that i can remember, but not bad neither. well lemme tell yous till the very beginning ...

i went bed at 1 am the last night (no it wasnt night anymore)
and woke up at 6!! imagine people, 6 am at holiday! syit. cina told me to go to school to do something sistematically needed for the business project. well okay, i went school and fully uniformed, and kno what ladies and gentlemen, CINA WASNT THERE. oh thanks god i wanna kill him.

8.30, cina phoned. said 'omg onta i wake up late! nobody wakes me up'. and i was like 'syit!'

well that was about the shity thingy, now move to the good part :D

(its supposed not to be good but that makes me happy actually hahah)

idk why, some frieends of mine who are close to me this time, are all dirty minded. well starts from gita, then ayin! (im not mention the guys eg stev and cina because theyre guys and guys ALWAYS are )

and yeah, they are all funny for me, make me laugh, and especially ayin, you have a great need to be a new security hahahahahha. wooops

and, today, mums so funny. lol cant wait for tomorrow to come, to learn violin for the very first time. (mum, you owe me a violin. i dont need to pay you for that lol)

and okay, thats all for today. i chattin with fhun atm. and,
current mood: happy

tata! :D

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