I fail

What's so wrong about being failed? It happens to everyone. Even sometimes those who fail for so many times before gaining their successes are a lot better than those who succeed in their first times. Yes, I agree with you that experience is the worst teacher. It makes you learn by feeling the pain first. No pain no gain they say? No. No pain is good. People's experience is the best teacher. You learn by watching them, you don't need to feel the pain but you can see them suffering so you won't do the same thing. But this time I know you're wrong. What I wanna say here is, it is NOT wrong to be failed. The worst teachers make you study harder.

I'm not saying that every time I fail, I just go on and smile and try again. I'm also human. I feel sad. I cry. I blame God (well the last one is the worst thing ever but its good to have a faith, at least you have the-One-who-creates-it-all to blame rather than to be confused because you don't believe in anything. Oh well...). But then my rational mind comes up and says whatever happens, happens. I can't change the past but sure I can make the future. So I wake up, get up, and live life. I thought it's enough. But then I realize that I don't live alone here. I have people around me and their opinions and thoughts and whatsoever they think I should do.

Here's what I wanna say. My failures help me to be better in the next days. My failures teach me not to do the same mistakes again. If you never let me fail, you never let me learn. I'm not in a good position here. If I don't listen to what people say and I just live my life because it's mine, they call me ignorant. If I listen too much to what they say, I screw my life. So I choose the first one. It's my life, it's my failure, sorry for the problems I've created, but this time I fail better.

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