Hope to see you next year, Ramadhan!

In Ramadhan this year, I didn't get the euphoria. I didn't do much Ramadhan night prayer. I didn't feel the essence of it. The only thing I got was only starvation and thirstiness. Even the oestrogen can't be anymore friendly by giving me 9 bloody holes of the whole 30 days. And it seems that I won't do the final goal, the thing that all muslims in this world are looking for, Eid prayer. Thanks, oestrogen. But this is what happens. With or without the euphoria, Ramadhan this year has gone. The victory day arrives tomorrow. Forgive me for being so despicable, and grumpy, and everything.

Eid mubarak, people!

P.S: Tamara replied my email! I'll post it next time. So. damn. happy. :D

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yeah, i hope so that :3